Quality Care

APWI believes that every animal is a sentient being that knows joy and happiness and feels pain and fear.
At APWI, we are concerned about our “crew’s” pet health issues and all animals in our crew receive the care they need.

Each animal is an individual being that has its own interests and has certain rights just for being alive.
Given that these animals do not have the ability to look after their interests or rights,
it is the responsibility of the human race to aid in this endeavor.

The “Crew’s” Bill of Rights

Each animal has the right to be provided:

  • Emotional Well-Being–feeling of emotional connection with humans and free of fear and anxiety
  • Mental Stimulation– feeling mentally challenged in a positive way and free of boredom
  • Physical Activity – active lifestyle free of sedentary restrictions
  • Health Care – live in a clean comfortable environment, given proper nutrition and health care and free of pain.