Our Privacy Policy

All Paws West, Inc. (APWI) is the operator of this site and recognizes that respecting user privacy over the Internet is of utmost importance. This privacy statement is designed to provide information about what APWI does with user information. We may from time to time revise our privacy policy by posting such revisions to allpawswest.org.

I.        All information submitted to allpawswest.org is considered private and will only be used by APWI to support your relationship with us. We do not sell, rent distribute or transfer personally identifiable information obtained from any user to any other party.

II.        APWI may send email and other correspondence, but only to those users who have expressly agreed to receive such information.

III.        APWI does not track individual user’s visits, but may examine user data in aggregate in order to enhance our site, and to give you a better, more personalized experience while in our web site.

IV.        APWI does provide links to other sites and this statement does not extend to those sites, which have separate privacy and data collection practices. You should check with those sites regarding their policies on data privacy.

Contact info@allpawswest.org for any questions about this privacy statement.

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