tinkerbell up closeTinkerbell was an owner-surrender. The owners moved where dogs weren’t allowed, so she was left behind. She stayed in a cellar and was let out once a day. She was with two other dogs and, given her size and health issues (hip dysplasia), the shelter wouldn’t take her. So she came to stay with us. Both hips have been replaced and she is moving a lot better. She has a very strong and expressive personality and is very stubborn. She has the loudest bark and isn’t afraid to use it. Luckily she is food-motivated, which is sometimes the only way to get her to move. Luckily she likes carrots, so when we use treats to get her to move, when the treat is carrots, she doesn’t get fat.

Tinkerbell loves to ride in the car and will sometimes just like to sit in the car even if no one is going anywhere. She loves attention but you need to be careful.  If you stop petting her she will deliver a paw to the face for more, without realizing her strength.

Tinkerbell relaxing