Sweet Pea

In spite of the name, Sweet Pea is male but he shows no affect of an identity crisis. Sweet Pea was found as young kitten outside along with two other siblings and brought to us as we were nursing some other kittens at the time. They weren’t able to find the mother so it was just the three kittens. They all had pneumonia and his two siblings unfornately did not make it.

Sweet Pea lives up to his name. He is the sweetest and most affection cat you will find. If you lay down, he runs up and lays on your chest. If you stand in one place too long, he loves to jump up on your shoulders and makes himself like a stole by wrapping himself around your neck. Sometimes he uses you as a gripping post to climb so you need to be on guard when he is around.

He spent some time with family in Connecticut but they were unable to keep him so he is back with us.  Our promise to all animals that pass through our gates is that All Paws West is a life long home.