Suki came to us as an owner give-up. After the puppy stage, she was mostly forgotten about and confined in a crate on a garage shelf for most of the day. Despite that ordeal, Suki maintained her outgoing personality and loves to be by your side. She always seems awake (often the only one) and will just sit at your feet wherever you are.
She has the uncanny ability to walk between your legs while you are walking– without tripping you up. The only way you really know that she is right with you as you walk is that you can hear her panting.

Suki is a good listener as well. When you talk to her, her ears go up and down like an antenna. She enjoys a car ride but usually wants to drive. She is a big fan of carrying a toy in her mouth most of the time. She will just walk around not particularly doing anything with it, just carrying it.

suki paying attention