Puddles came to us from an area shelter to help with our behaviorally challenge “Liam,” who behaved better with dogs than with people. I am sure she had an interesting start in life because she came to the US from the Turks and Caicos Island. Apparently a vet that was vacationing there managed to arrange to have her and a couple of other dogs sent to the US to be adopted. They call them “potcakes” down there, which is just a word that means “mixed breed.” Puddles was originally named “Turk” by the shelter but after having her a couple of days, “Puddles” became the more appropriate name because every time you turned around there was a puddle on the floor courtesy of Puddles.

Despite coming from the warm weather, Puddles loves the snow and when it gets really deep she is like a dolphin in the ocean.  She hops through the snow, disappearing and then reappearing, jumping in the air only to disappear again. One of her favorite things to do is to get Augi to run so she can chase him. Puddles is lighting fast, almost cheetah-like for the short period of time so she always catches Augi. Puddles loves attention; she will sit there for hours as long as you are petting her. She tends to get tired after a while and Puddles has been known to fall asleep and fall over while sitting up being petted.

Puddles ready to dine