Junior came to us from a local shelter. We took him with a couple of other cats because they said he would just hide in the cage whenever anyone came in to look at the cats. and they thought he would do better in a different environment. Well he is anything but shy at the Oasis. He loves to pounce on anything moving under a cover, especially feet—and he spends a lot of his day in the top of the cat tree where he can see everything that is going on.

Junior also gets attention from anyone passing by. Junior is actually responsible for a lot of the cats that have come to All Paws West. During his first year with us, he escaped when workers left a window open. In the time that we were looking for him, we went to a number of shelters to see if he showed up anywhere, and that is when we started taking in FIV cats that the shelters were going to put down.

There doesn’t seem to be many organizations that take in FIV cats, which is a shame as they can be perfectly healthy for most of a normal lifetime. He stayed outside for about a month where he was spooked and ran from everyone. We eventually caught him on the Oasis grounds with some food and a trap.  We took in about 10 additional cats during this period of the Junior hunt.






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