Dryfus came to us through a local shelter. They were having difficulty getting anyone to look at him because he was so afraid of people. When people would go to check him out,  he would go to the back of the cage and wet himself. Kids especially seemed to scare him which is a shame because he is such a cuddly dog.  He is, however, not afraid of dogs. So he and Bella have teamed up and he follows Bella’s lead most places he goes. He has gotten better with the people he knows but is still hesitant unless Bella is leading the way. When outside, he will not come in unless Bella goes through the door first, and when strangers are in the area, he will hide.

Dryfus is a playful dog though with people he has come to know and he likes to give a paw to get attention. He also loves to tear up soft chewy toys. One time he even needed a trip to the vet because he ate the whole toy, stuffing and all. Needless to say, he doesn’t get those kind of toys anymore. He likes to run but is probably the slowest dog we have seen. He makes up for it though with a zig and a zag better than the best NFL running back can do. He will get Bella to chase after him and just as she is about to catch him, he will switch direction and keep her off his tail. She is faster but rarely catches him. On summer days, he likes to chase the frisbee with Bella. Bella always reaches it before he does but he will then slyly snatch it from her and run back with it. After a little bit of frisbee chase, he will go take a dip in the kiddie pool to refresh himself.