Bella came to us from an area shelter. She was brought to them with some kind of trauma to her hind region. The end of her tail was non-functioning and hanging and she was fecal and urinary incontinent. As a result, her tail was docked to keep it from constantly being a mess. No one was interested in adopting her and we were the shelter’s last call to try and find her a home.

Bella is an active dog and has found a friend in Dryfus. They play together for hours outside. Bella is the most athletic of the dogs; she is very agile and can catch a Frisbee on the run, in the air. She is very focused on the Frisbee and once she even ran full steam into a boulder while tracking a Frisbee in flight. Like all athletes, Bella is not without her injuries. Both knees have had surgery as they were slipping out of place. While inside, she wears a diaper (pamper cruisers size 7) due to her condition. She doesn’t seem to mind too much though and is full of energy. She never walks anywhere as she runs from place to place. She loves attention and likes to lick your face although she gives you licks like she plays—rough.

Bella at play