Augi was born in 2006 and we think he’s a Libra. Augi’s earliest history is unknown but he came to us from an animal rescue group. He looks like a coonhound with maybe some Dalmatian or Great Dane mixed in. He likes to think he is king of the castle and insists on investigating everything–big nose first. Expect to be goosed when he greets you. He actually isn’t much of a helper¬†but he does like getting involved. He becomes very proud of himself when he can grab something he thinks is yours. After a grab, he runs with pure delight into the other room to see exactly what he got. Out of the castle, he is very shy unless he is going for a run with Puddles. On the runs, he is his usual investigative self and will pull you all the way.¬† But when not on a run, he tends to be very cautious everywhere else he goes, especially on trips to the vet. He can be a bit lazy at times, so often first thing in the morning or at bedtime, he insists on being carried to the door to go outside. Full of energy and life though most of the time in between, he likes to spend time in the yard barking at anything nearby, playing with Puddles, or chasing anything that is moving, even a leaf.

  • Augie yawning
    Augie's sooo tired.....
  • Augie
    Augie repeats....
  • A new home for Augie
  • A new home for Augie
  • A new home for Augie and Nermal