Life at the Oasis

All Paws West, Inc. currently cares for 14 dogs and 39 cats (the Crew), and within our capacity and services, provides not only care but a home.


Friends, you can help All Paws West by donating here on our site and by signing up at and selecting us as your charity.

Meet Our Crew

Visit our site often to see our photos of new rescue animals and to read their stories and hear about our future plans at All Paws West.


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Thank you for visiting our website.  Please check back periodically to see new information about All Paws West and to read articles on pet health and more.  We look forward to sharing our story and animals with you.

All Paws West, Inc. (APWI) is a 501c(3) non-for-profit organization that primarily serves the existing animal rescue and shelter community as well as the municipal animal control agencies (the “animal community”) by providing an oasis for those animals that the animal community, for various reasons, are unable to adopt out.


The Crew’s
“Bill of Rights”

Each animal has the right to be provided:

  • Emotional Well-Being–feeling of emotional connection with humans and free of fear and anxiety
  • Mental Stimulation– feeling mentally challenged in a positive way and free of boredom
  • Physical Activity – active lifestyle free of sedentary restrictions
  • Health Care – live in a clean comfortable environment, given proper nutrition and health care and free of pain.